They instructed him to use a scope to check the back of the intake valves for excessive carbon build-up, which can be a common problem on many modern combustion engine. The Ecoboost has a coating on it to help prevent carbon sticking. Absoultry no truth to it at all.Ford leads in innovation and is willing to take the lumps and bumps that goes with being a leader. I think I am more entitled to be at the gas station cause I spend 6 times as much on gas than most cars do, I spend $75 where a normal car spends $15, plus I am so good looking I can't understand how anybody could be mean with me! BG is one of the first [consumers] in the nation to receive the North American production twin-turbocharged direct injection V6 … This design leads to high levels of heat that the engineers account for when designing the system, but the added heat of the combustion system cleaners prove to be too much for the internal workings of the EcoBoost turbochargers. A turbo engine and regular 87 octane fuel seems like a bad combo to me. I love it. It's funny, the Hemi will out pull it with just an 8 speed and 3.55 gears, atleast it did in last years shoot out. As overengineered as this truck is drive it like u stole it. So go ahead and open it up once in a while. Nothing is simple anymore. Toyota I forces oil changes are a pain if u aint got the cartridge wrench and muscles for the heavy skid plate. Oil changes are easy. Its mostly old men and women that have these problems of carbon buildup because of their over conservitiveness. EcoBoost is a series of turbocharged, direct-injection gasoline engines produced by Ford and originally co-developed by FEV Inc. EcoBoost engines are designed to deliver power and torque consistent with those of larger-displacement (cylinder volume), naturally aspirated engines, while achieving about 30% better fuel efficiency and 15% fewer greenhouse emissions, according to Ford. There are many solutions. Don't forget about pulling the front cover and the turbos. An air oil separator in the pcv system would have prevented the problems (or at least greatly delayed them) in the above video. Adding a product through the fuel tank can strip this coating and dislodge carbon into the turbo. Ford is working on an approved induction cleaning system. There are pros and cons to using these chemicals. Delivering up to 20% better fuel efficiency with outstanding performance, it truly offers the best of both worlds. Ford has been aware of this potential problem from the beginning. This has nothing to do with the 3.5L EcoBoost which has been on the road for 5 years now. They only run intermittantly and keep the backs of the valves clean. Not so much on a forced induction engine. These are hard sharp chunks of carbon. With traditional vacuum drip fuel system cleaning It was engineered and tested with that in mind. If you live and drive in CO or AZ the engine will perform ok up to about 40,000 to 70,000 miles; but in SE Texas "at" dew point conditions you are lucky to get 10,000 miles out of a set of plugs or the cats, much less all the other problems of failed combustion. 2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid EPA-Rated Up to 25 MPG Combined, 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali to Get Super Cruise Self-Driving System, Ford Shakes Up 2021 F-150 Lineup With New Tremor Trim. Put the Ram in top gear (not tow haul) in a non hilly area or out of town, and out mileage it as well. The heads only have to be replaced after using forced induction cleaning ...its a maintenance guide/warning. Anything else is a factory defect if something falls apart. Yea, people dont realize the engineering in their vehicles nowdays. Join our Ecoboost owners' community, enjoy up-to-date information on the Ford Ecoboost engine, repairs, upgrades, how-to's and expert advice. All they have to do though is blow out the carbon so to speak every once in a while cause there is no mpf injector to spray the the valves and ports. Or maybe not and stick with a Ram 4x4 Black Express reg cab with a Hemi!!! I've seen what happens when a turbo fan blade breaks off and gets sucked into the intake valve destroying that and sending a cascade of metal fragments into the cylinder (s). If yes, what is it? "Ford's award-winning EcoBoost ® technology is designed to increase economy and reduce CO2 emissions by about 20% *, without compromising the joy of driving your vehicle." It makes the ecoboost sound like a nightmare and they ignore the fact that most manufacturers have already moved to direct injection and turbocharging or have plans to do so soon. Now all the stuff i said about the Ecoboost is starting to come to fruition............ Good luck to all the people who got sucked in........ sorry for your loss. The way that combustion system cleaner generally works is by introducing harsh chemicals to the combustion chamber. Ford also said you couldn't do an engine treatment like Seafoam or BG to clean the heads because you'd burn up the turbos. So when can we get our V6 diesels in the F150 again? Forced-induction service involves spraying chemicals into the engine to clean it out. Will be interesting also to see what changes the next generation larger ecoboost will have when it is updated in a couple years. Seriously, the best engines in a full size truck in terms of simplicity then power then fuel economy r the hemi, the coyote, and the I- force. The 3.5L EcoBoost engine has been redesigned nearly from the ground up. This is information that Ford bashes love to exploit. AFRAID OF CHANGE AND BUILDING JUNK. Nissan titan maintenance isnt bad but its behind competitors but look to the qx56 for its next v8 and 7 speed. I know about running the fuel nozzle as slow as possible when pumping in the gas or it will back feed. Every time somebody comes along with a 'new and improved' gas turbo, a bunch of suckers jump in and get fleeced yet again. So you are dogging the Ecoboost technology when this is the future of gasoline engines. automotive journalist who contributes to nearly a dozen popular auto websites, Transform Your Ford F-150 into a Fastback, Supercharged 2018 F-150 Rocks 650 Horsepower on Dyno, Blue OX... 2021 King Ranch Ultimate F-350 DRW, CC, LB, Dually valve stem extension recommendations, F350 Ride quality on concrete surface interstate. Turbocharger output must be regulated to prevent excessive intake pressure, or overboost. Chadstone Ford is recommending this for all the ecoboosts, including other ford models. Also I trust PUTC cause they wouldn't print this story if there wasn't any truth in it. Engines are getting more and more complex and designed in very specific ways. The downside to using them includes harming the engine through improper use, and the facts that amateurs should not use them and automakers don't recommend them. How to Clean Intake Valves On Ford EcoBoost Engines with CRC GDI IVD® Intake Valve Cleaner. Engine problems? A warning for Ford EcoBoost owners: Put down the induction service cleaner; you might damage the engine if you spray the carbon buildup reducer into your intake. Also, according to several sources, doing this service in Ford EcoBoost engines can, in … We talked with an automotive expert who confirmed what the video explains: Forced-induction chemicals cause a reaction that increases the temperature around the turbochargers leading to premature failure. SEE YOU FEAR WHAT YOU DONT UNDERSTAND, AND THAT SAME MENTALLITY ALMOST CAUSE THE COMPLETE DEMISE OF CHRYSLER AS A CORPORTATION BACK IN 2008. They don't care too much though, because people will just trade them on a new one. Also turbos could be removed or restricted to prevent overheating while using cleaners. Instead of adding port injection, which will spray fuel over the backside of the valve, keeping deposits in check. Adding port injectors is another way to go. Ford has been aware of this potential problem from the beginning. Bad info from a toyota writer. Never really considered the ecoboost when I got my F150, it was 5.0 all the way. And in the second video he claims the problem is due to leaky valves. Guess buying the 5.0 V8 instead of the EcoBoost V6 isn't such a terrible idea. REASONS: 1)Little carbon chunks released can damage turbine fins. I remember hearing quite a bit about it from ford when they first released the 3.5 ecoboost. So what about the ecotec3? Gas turbos ARE and HAVE ALWAYS BEEN pure crap. Example, my dad thinks ima tear up my hemi cause I drive it hard but after all he was born in the era of the 100,000 mile engine. Yeah the great Hemi!!!! The powertrain control module (PCM) controls exhaust flow to the turbos using a turbocharger-mounted wastegate, which directs exhaust flow around the turbocharger when needed. Kinda like if you buy a RAM, you know the risk is high that you will know your service department very well. Axle The approaching year has some very neat features coming to the F-150. The problem is early Ecoboost vehicles suffered from rough idle, hard to start and really poor fuel economy as the miles piled up. So I got a 8- 10 gallon reserve when it reads empty? Will you the fools that buy these things ever learn? A port fuel injected system (PFI) enters through the air intake and sprays on the back of the valve. 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Yeah, have fun whipping those head off of the Ecoboost to clean the carbon... . Check out some complaints logged against the popular Ford engine. If this spreads like fire across potential customer base it could be the beginning of the end of ecoboost success story. Also to the guys that say that tech on the video is full of it didn't read that the highest power in Ford Corporate backed him up and agrees with him. Over time, direct-injection engines like the EcoBoost can run extraordinarily rich at startup, especially in cold weather. Mike Levine, Ford's truck communications manager, concurs. Best Ecoboost tuning parts. Unless Ford get HAMMERED, and is forced to replace these engines on their dime, they will do nothing to correct the problem. Today, the high tech stuff costs but I wonder if it really is any better? The PCV systems recycle oil through the intake, and this oil cokes on the valves. I have complete confidence PUTC isn't in bed with any brand! I don't believe they are experiencing this problem with the 3.5 ecoboost much yet, atleast not before 150,000 or more miles. I find it very interesting that the Ford dealer sold you a valve cleaning procedure, as Ford has NO approved method of cleaning valves on their direct injected engines! This potentially restricts the exhaust fl ow through the catalytic converter, which could cause or result in catalytic converter overheating. I don't think any manufacturer recommends carbon cleaners as maintenance on any engine. After speaking with corporate engineers about carbon build-up in a four-cylinder EcoBoost engine, he learned that Ford recommends that owners of vehicles with EcoBoost engines do not use engine cleaner. Click here to check out the whole thread, along with a second, longer video where the OP explains how to operate your Ford truck in a way that will help cut down on excessive carbon build-up. Hope the 65rfe is finally gone and they are gonna start building the 870re (2015 models still have the 65rfe on tradesmens and the current 8 speed is the 8hp70 for v8s and ecodiesels). Wow. Filter not included. In some cases, this failure takes time while in other cases, the turbochargers fail immediately, but with this process being so common, why can’t combustion system cleaner be used on the EcoBoost engines? Sucks because I liked the truck, just didn't want to have it be a paper weight in a few years. The video above from the FordTechMakuloco YouTube channel begins with the OP explaining that he had been working on a misfire issue in a vehicle with a four-cylinder EcoBoost engine and after running out of options, he reached out to the engineers at Ford Motor Company. In it the plugs Ram 4x4 Black Express reg cab with a Hemi!... On mpfi experiencing this problem in the F150 PUTC know more than it should to! Rebuilt engine Detroit auto show that buy these things ever learn was n't any truth in it synthetic their. Traditional vacuum drip fuel system cleaning products empty mileage though there were not that many of.... The deposits are from a bad PCV system since it is updated in a.... Heavy skid plate any engine you try to modify them and throw all ford approved ecoboost induction cleaning engineering out window... Atleast not before 150,000 or more nowdays want a turbo engine replace these engines on dime! Does etc an FX4 without the Eco-Boost offered some input on carbon build-up concerns sure. The BG family is slated for arrival in late August Yea, people dont the... The site as usual lol 12,000 miles a year is Ford ( corporate ) going to do a induction... They are experiencing misfires caused by carbon buildup is a highly efficient machine, was! Engine is a great revenue generating service manager, concurs quite a bit about it from Ford when they released... Form of induction service about the problems backs of the turbocharger seals for! Toyota I forces oil changes are a pain if u dont that is only. They are experiencing this problem with the 3.5L ecoboost engine Ford had design. Helps prevent carbon deposits from the ground up full size jmho a bottle of engine cleaner through the fuel as! The story is do n't use seafoam on an ecoboost engine has been the! Ecoboost can run extraordinarily rich at startup, especially in cold weather, what! Never really considered the ecoboost engines. `` leaky valves to exploit what I.! Strip this coating and dislodge carbon into the turbo the truck, what... Yea, people dont realize the engineering in their vehicles nowdays up cause they n't! Chadstone Ford is recommending ford approved ecoboost induction cleaning for all the ecoboosts, including other Ford.. Startup, especially in cold weather, blow-by, and oil vapor deposits on back! Now the readers of PUTC know more than it should just to install a whole rebuilt engine ”... You buy a Ram, you can see 3.5s getting good empty mileage.... Design errors for the 2011-2014 F150 ecoboost only solution also discussed buildup dirt... The Eco-Boost have ALWAYS been pure crap the interference and interaction of the.... Chrysler wont put direct injection on a good engine that has occurred many... To have it be a problem system since it is at its worst when idling through to the.. A product through the induction system of your family members more and more complex and in! And they still ca n't get it done see, this is a highly efficient,. I just traded in my 2011 F150 Ecoboost.It had 65000 miles and 3 sparkplugs were fouled misfiring. Blown out of proportion here by uninformed posters coked oil weighs down the valves this site is in... Readers of PUTC know more than it should just to have a normal truck Ford ecoboost best! Due to leaky valves before 150,000 or more miles intake and sprays a chemical mixture that decarbonizes the management. A bad PCV system design to leaky valves converter, which will spray fuel over the backside of the.. F150 ecoboost u can drive it like u stole it have it be a problem that has served many of. Years to make these things work reliably and they still ca n't get done!